Retired Dogs

Retired / Guardian Dog Profiles:

Early on, we wanted to keep all our dogs in our home, but we soon discovered that, for the sake of each of our Australian Labradoodles, it was best for us to find good Guardian homes for each of our special momma and daddy dogs, where they would receive the abundant amounts of personal love and attention that they so rightfully deserve. Where they can shower their love and appreciation to their guardian humans without having to “compete” with a multitude of other brother & sister Australian Labradoodles for attention. Probably most important, each breeding dog grows up and spends their entire life with only one family.

We only have two permanent dogs that live with us in our home, and anyone that has spoken to or gotten to know us, along our journey, know how much these Australian Labradoodles mean to us! We have always based our actions and decisions on ‘what is best for the particular dog.’ We must be able to go to sleep each night knowing that all “our dogs” are enjoying their “best possible life!”

We would love to share a few examples of our retired girl and boy dogs with their human parents. We also give special recognition to all our Australian Labradoodles who have become registered service dogs and/or therapy dogs.

Joe and his service dog Kimber sitting at his side.

Meet service dog Kimber with his human, Joe.

Joe spent his career rescuing others with the NYFD. Now Joe found a dog to rescue him! We matched Kimber with Joe and he lived with Joe during his entire breeding career only leaving Joe’s side for brief “honeymoons.”
According to Joe, “Goes without saying how much this guy has changed my life. Having PSTD and suffering from depression, he is the reason I’m happy!”