Royal Australian Labradoodles — We are a small home breeder of registered multigenerational, non-shedding / allergy friendly Australian Labradoodles.

Our puppies are born and lovingly raised with us in our home. We feel that it is very important that they are well-socialized and exposed to a variety of common household noises from birth. We also start their potty training and introduce them to the crate so that when they are adopted to their forever homes they will transition effortlessly…from our home to yours!

Available Puppies and Upcoming Litters

Australian Labradoodles’s are a wonderful breed for allergy or asthma sufferers. They are calm natured, intuitive, easily-trained and well-mannered companions for all ages. They are especially great buddies for children.

We are located in Venice, Florida. We are able to ship our puppies to families anywhere in the United States.

Our Labradoodle puppies are registered through ALCA.

For pricing, see the Adoption & Pricing Info page. Also, check out our pages for Available Puppies and Upcoming Litters

We are available to help you find your newest family member. Read more about us on our About Us page. You can also contact us using our Contact Us page.