Guardian Family Program

As we expand our program, we are offering approved families a special opportunity to qualify as a Guardian Home where our breeding boys and girls will live. Katie, our initial Australian Labradoodle, will most likely always live with us; however, we feel that, in the best interest of each dog, it is best to place puppies with their forever families right from the beginning. Labradoodles are bred to be close family companions and they naturally love human company and closeness and we believe that they will best thrive in a loving family environment!

The following is how the Guardian Program works:

  1. A puppy is placed in an approved home when the puppy is about 8-10 weeks old.
  2. Once the dog has successfully completed all their health testing and reaches full maturity (approximately a year and a half), we would breed the dog.
  3. You would need to keep a close eye on her “in heat” schedule so we can have her for a few days to test and breed her and then she would come to our home in time to deliver her puppies, returning back to you once her puppies are weaned.
  4. When the breeding career is over (3-4 litters), we pay to have her spayed and she remains with your family with full ownership rights to live out her livfe as your loving family pet.
  5. We have “stud” family guardian home opportunities as well.

As a guardian home your responsibilities would include:

  1. Routine Vet care including monthly Heartworm medication.
  2. Feeding with a top quality food approved by us. (Life’s Abundance)
  3. Live within a reasonable distance to Royal Australian Labradoodles location. (No more than 1 hour drive from Venice/Sarasota.)
  4. Open communication with the breeder.
  5. Contained yard.
  6. No unneutered male dogs in the home.

If you become a guardian family, the dog is essentially your pet; however, Royal Australian Labradoodles maintains full ownership and full breeding rights to the dog until their breeding career is completed.