Code of Ethics

I will ensure that all dogs in my keeping will have all physical and emotional needs met.

This will include:

  •  Appropriate food, water, shelter (clean space and appropriate temperatures)
  •  Exercise
  •  Protection from bodily harm
  • Human contact
  • Appropriate stimulation

All dogs in my care will receive Veterinary care and I will maintain accurate records of all care.

All dogs will be supervised for safety to the best of my ability.

I will agree to an audit by an ALCA Board Member including home/kennel inspection should this ever be requested by the board.

I agree to test all dogs for genetic diseases relevant to the breed prior to breeding, and will clearly state what testing has been done.

I will not sell or trade with any commercial animal wholesalers or retail pet dealers, nor place any dogs in Animal Shelters, but will be committed to find a safe and secure home for all dogs and puppies that leave my facility.

I will spay/neuter all pups that are sold as companion family members.

I will tattoo and/or microchip any puppy sold for breeding prior to them leaving my care.

I will register all litters and breeding dogs with the ALCA before the pups are 16 weeks of age.

I will provide to the families, and a copy to the ALCA, written details of dietary needs, training, grooming and veterinary care for all families.

I will provide ALCA a written copy of my contract and guarantee.

I will keep accurate breeding records, registration papers and pedigrees.

I will be available to buyers for whatever advice, reasonable aid or assistance they may need for the life of the dog.  ALCA breeder members shall help and support their fellow members in fulfilling this obligation.