Adoption Application

The adoption process begins by completing and submitting the application below.

A great deal of effort goes into selecting and carefully breeding our Australian Labradoodles. We are committed to breeding top of the line parents who produce excellent quality, highest intelligence and most even-tempered puppies.   It is extremely important to us that we find our puppies special homes where they will be treated well and respected as part of a loving, caring family.

What to Expect After Submitting Your Application

  1. We will contact you when your application is accepted.
  2. We will contact you following the birth of your puppy and send photos as soon as possible.
  3. We will work with you to arrange transportation for your new puppy if needed. Numerous options are available.  
  4. Following selection, we will e-mail you a Warranty and Health Agreement for you to sign and return or complete at time of pickup.
  5. You welcome your new puppy into your heart and home.
  6. Royal Australian Labradoodle (RAL) is here for you throughout the life of your puppy.
  7. NOTE: If you ever have a “life-changing” event that causes you to be unable to properly care for and keep your pet, we will gladly help you re-home your precious baby!
  8. Please understand that ALL puppies purchased as a pet MUST be spayed/neutered by six month of age. Once we receive documentation of the spay/neuter we will release to you paperwork for ALCA Registration.

Full price of puppy (not including transportation) is $3000
Deposit to hold your “pick order” for a puppy $500
“Pick Order” is determined by the date we receive deposits. (i.e. 1st deposit for a litter gets 1st available choice for the puppies in that litter, 2nd deposit receives 2nd pick and so on.)
Final payment (not including transportation) $2500  ($3000-$500) paid at pick up or at 8 weeks of age.
We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Check or cash .

Please complete the following form to start the process.