Ginger & River


  • PARENTS: Royal Ginger & Barksdales ‘A River Runs’
  • Litter Birth Date: 1st week September, 2020 (Estimate only.)
  • Approximate Take Home: 1st week November, 2020 (Estimate only.)
  • Minis (between 18 – 22 pounds)

Breeder has the option of withholding puppy(s) for their breeding program.
Our puppies are also occasionally offered to other breeders for their breeding programs.  Breeders are able to select their “pick of the litter” puppy prior to the opening of our wait list for selection.

Here is how you get on the list…

Please Contact Us with questions or complete the Adoption Application Form and put down a $500 deposit to get on the list!

Full price of puppy $3000
Deposit to hold your puppy $500

Order of Deposits determine order of choice of puppy.
Final payment excluding transportation or “extras” $2500  ($3000-$500) paid at pick up.
We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Zelle, Venmo or Bank Check.


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